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The Vacation is Over

It’s been a crazy summer.  Between wedding planning, the actual big day, a two week honeymoon, and other weekend getaways, exercising took a back seat.  It was all fun while it lasted, but I’m left feeling a bit… well, tubby.  For the past two weeks, I have been slowly weeding out the junk food (which for some reason ALWAYS goes hand in hand with lack of exercise) and replacing it with nutritious home made meals.   Hours spent watching Law and Order marathons are being replaced with cardio and strength training.  I remember LOVING the feeling of a good workout, so why does it seem so hard now?  I forgot how long it takes to get back into the swing of things after a break.  I’m just gonna have to deal, because the break’s over.  Labor Day is behind us.  Kids are back to school.  And my ass is back at the gym.

Today started bright and early… or just early (it’s a torrential downpour out there… no brightness to be seen).  The alarm startled me awake at 5:10 a.m.  I stumbled out of bed and before I even flicked the light switch, I threw on the clothes I had left out the morning before (<– this is KEY if I want to get to class on time).  Want some advice?  Don’t get dressed in the dark – I’ll explain shortly.  Off I go into the rain for the 5:45 a.m. “Cycle Fusion” class.  It’s pretty much just spin with ten minutes of arm weights at the end.  Perfect!  I was afraid we’d be doing arm weights WHILE spinning – I didn’t see my clumsy ass handling that too well.60 minutes later, I’m heading back home to shower and dress quickly for work.  I strip off my sweat drenched spandex pants (hawt!) to find a dead, crumpled spider stuck to my thigh.  I repeat, NEVER get dressed in the dark.   I die just thinking about this.  I’ll follow up that story with some EATS.

Breakfast this morning was an old standby.  1/2 C of oats, 1 T of peanut butter, 1t maple syrup.  I switch up the nut better every couple of weeks and it never gets old.

And my packed lunch to bring to work:

Salad [baby romaine, arugula, cucumbers, pomegranate craisins (which probably have no actual pomegranate in them), pecans and cilantro], a pear for a.m. snack, and cottage cheese for p.m. snack.  This is all assuming my dad doesn’t call me to meet at the Dogfather for lunch.  We had made plans to try these gourmet hot dogs before summer’s end, when the hot dog truck closes up shop.  I KNOW I said I was eating clean, but I can’t let my dad down, right?  Plus, their motto is “I’ll give you a hot dog you can’t refuse”.  He’s totally right – I CANNOT REFUSE IT!  And I’m also aware that hot dogs are pretty much the lips and eyeballs of various animals wrapped in pork casing.  GROSS… but totally delicious.

I think I’ll end things on that note.


So I created this blog just about two months ago and hadn’t made a single post.  Just let me explain, shortly after completing my first half marathon on 6/5, my IT band started to really act up.  Like, a “couldn’t run 1.5 miles without having to turn around and walk home” kind of acting up.  Perfect, right? So originally this blog was going to (somewhat) track my running and eats and hopefully help me keep things in balance… hence, “running for cheese”.  Well, now let’s just consider it running/bootcamping/cycling/yogaing for cheese, because that’s what I’m doing now to try to stay active while nursing this injury.  I had considered nixing the blog idea all together, but then something amazing happened.  My newly-wed husband (yup, I got married during that two month blogging hiatus… is it a hiatus when you never started?) bought me these yesterday for my 27th birthday!!!

I had been resting and doing a lot of foam rolling, so I felt ready to give running a whirl again.  We went to a specialty running store and, for the first time, I had someone watch me run, examine my gait and tell me what shoe is best for me.  Apparently, for my entire life I’ve been wearing running shoes that are a size too small too.  I’m a 6.5 in sandals, flats and heels, and apparently an 8 in running sneakers.  Ok then.  Good to know.  So I tried on a few pairs and ran a bit in each.  These definitely felt the best to me.  And when a pro tells you these are the shoes for you – you gotta listen, right?  These are the Asics Landreth 7.  I probably would have never picked a Gold/Yellow accented shoe (for some reason I always do bright pink or bright blue) – but I gotta say I am really liking these and actually think they look awesome.  Check out how the laces tie up at an angle:

Want a closer look?

Yup, those are some mighty fine shoes.  And I love that the laces are flat, not round.  I always have to double knot the round ones and then I feel like I’m back in the 2nd grade.  Not anymore – now I tie my shoes like the mature woman I am!

So anyways, ’nuff about the shoes.  I was so excited to give running another go that I dreamt about running all last night and woke up at 4:30am just dying to get out there.  It was still dark so I decided to watch a movie.  I ended up watching the Town (pretty good btw… I love movies that take place in my home state) while eating a couple of these for fuel…

Luna Minis!  Only 80 calories each – so naturally I ate 2!  Then I foam rolled a bit and headed out there.  It was the perfect weather.  I made it about two miles before my knee (that’s where my IT band is bothering me) started acting up.  It was an irritating pain, but not the same “locking up” pain I had before.  So I kept running and ended up completing 4 miles total.   Once I got back, I did some more foam rolling (hurts so good!), followed by the Hip Opening sequence from this DVD:

It’s an oldie but a goodie!

Well, it’s just about 9am.  Time to wake up Nick and get this birthday weekend started!  My birthday actually isn’t until Monday and his is tomorrow – so we’ll be celebrating for days!  Hopefully I’ll post again before October. :)

By the way, Sephora is giving out these for free the month of your birthday if you’re signed up as a “Beauty Insider” (!!!!)


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